pickle !!

(aka: zom, stein)

click the "ext" in each section for more info

⨯ 21 yrs old
⨯ he/him + neos ↴
vamp/vamps dae/daem
⨯ aqua // intp
⨯ mage of doom

basic criteria, proship. minors OK to interact but 18+ to DM unless we're already friends :3c
i use reclaimed slurs without a tw 👍
if that makes u uncomfortable lmk and i wont use em while talking to u! tho i will never tw them on posts. sorryyyy
4ever interests
horror, my chem, metal gear, metalocalypse, postal, icp, gwar, wwe, ext


birdie + remmy
mircalla + venom
kiiba + blake + eric

all these guys mean da world 2 me .. i lub them :3 and will 4ever
my ride or dies ..... ♥


main + art

spotify + last.fm + myanimelist + backloggery


mutuals - pls feel free to ask for my discord or any of my gamertags !!

highlighted things are what im super into atm!!

genres: emo, (crossover + death) metal, punk, ska, hardcore edm, vocaloid, epunk
bands: my chem, the jasons, 100 gecs, cannibal corpse, icp, gwar, ween, +
a whole buncha others
metal gear, utapri, vtmb, overwatch, postal, w101, and more
soul eater, jjba, sk8, yoi, drhdr, most things on my mal
shows + movies
monster high, spongebob teehee, moomin, scream, repo! the genetic opera, wwdits (movie and show), metalocalypse, metal family, columbo :), bill & ted
furbys, video essays, homestuck, scott pilgrim (franchise), conspiracy theories, wwe, macabre things :3 + sources for my kins lol


heres some pictures of my cats ♡ the spotted ones name is gumball, the tuxedos name is rascal. they cuddle together ALL the time 🌈

i like taking pictures of them that make em look sillayyyyy